HASTAC 2013 internet How to Create Discover Ads to Drive Website Conversions

How to Create Discover Ads to Drive Website Conversions

discovery ads

As search and social media become increasingly personalized, discovery ads provide a great opportunity to reach audiences in the moments that matter. This ad type leverages Google AI to match user intent with the right product visuals, driving brand awareness and sales.

Discovery ads are designed to inspire your audience to take action as they scroll through video content on YouTube, check the Promotions tab in Gmail, or explore their search results. They’re also a powerful way to drive in-store visits and website conversions.

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When creating a new Discovery campaign, you’ll choose an objective (website traffic, leads, or sales). Then select the format of your ad — single-image ads or multi-image carousel ads. Next, add a headline and description up to 40 characters each, and upload up to five images for a single-image ad and up to 15 images in a carousel. Finally, select your bid strategy and budget, and decide whether or not to enable lead form extensions.

Keep in mind that Discovery campaigns will overspend their daily budget at the beginning to gather data and optimize. Resist the temptation to make changes too often during this learning period. Instead, focus on tracking efficiency through designated KPI metrics and use the information learned to inform your targeting options. For example, if you discover that your ads aren’t performing well, consider reviewing the ad creative, landing page, or asset quality. Then experiment with different combinations to find the ones that perform best.

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